On a professional level I am a fashion designer, crafter and seamstress. I just like to make things, sometimes it’s fashion and sometimes it’s just something I really want to make.  I am inspired by color and texture, and the idea of making something out of nothing.  I like old things more than new things and I like new things made out of old things best of all. I design, sew, teach and write. I like to sell the things I make when I have the time to figure out how, and I alter clothing to pay the bills.

On a personal level I am a wife and mother who is still learning on the job.

Thanks for stopping by, Jenifer Sult

(Jennifer Sult) (J Sult Handmade)

8 responses to “Details

  1. J sult, what is the best email I can reach you? Did you get one i sent around July 23rd or so…

    I am so glad you are documenting your work. I love a woman of all trades!

    • I just got back from vacation and I did get the email you sent, haven’t had a chance to go over it yet but I did vote for the Brush Factory!

  2. Love what you do!

  3. Hi Jennifer!
    I am a freelance writer for a-line magazine and would love to feature you in the September issue. Could you send me your email address? If you’re interested, I can send over some questions for you! thanks!

    • Whitney, I’d love to do this, you can email me at: jsult at trapine dot org. I look forward to hearing from you, Jenifer

  4. Love your site, Jenifer!

    – Sarah (from HighStreet)

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